DIY vegan lip balm

The Holiday season is already here!

Are you ready with your vegan gifting stuff for your non vegan family?

If no don’t worry.

If you are out of budget ; I got you covered!

Here is an awesome vegan lip balm you can gift to your friends and family.

Even to non vegans.

Who knows, you can end up having one more vegan in your circle too!

I know that every girl trying to save a few bucks will love this.

Nourish your gentle lips with this mild and pampering no bad stuff lip balm.

And all of this stuff is vegan! It’s going to last forever in your freezer.

If you are a DIY person you will love this.

Recipe Notes:

*Use any oil that solidifies in cold temperatures.
*Store refrigerated.

*Store frozen. Lasts very long.

Step by step photos coming soon!

Method :

*Pour beet scraps and any oil into a blender, and basically any plant based fat or grease.

*Blend well until you get a puree.


Contact :

Pour some vinegar and blend it in your blender for a grease free clean blender.

Enjoy a guilt free, happy and frugal Holiday season!

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