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  • Viral Freebie Alert!
    Here is a freebie for you! Find the original image here! Coming soon❗ More freebies and a download- able e-card to & the holiday season special free e-book. MoreMore freebies…More
  • Shout out to some useful content. Breathing Practices
    Heal your anxiety… The effect of breathing extends both to the work of the heart and lungs, and to subtle physiological interactions, in particular, to the molecular processes due to…More
    10 reasons why the women of Afghanistan are the true feminists and real life examples of women empowerment? Dumbledore’s Army?! Probably that’s what Goin on in Afghanistan. It is so…More
  • DIY vegan lip balm
    The Holiday season is already here! Are you ready with your vegan gifting stuff for your non vegan family? If no don’t worry. If you are out of budget ;…More
  • Let it be
    Let it beLet it goLike Elsa, you let it goIf it pinchesRight on skinLet it beLet it goKarma will doHer job really well If it stings youRight in your heartLet…More
  • Vegan Viral Belly Fat Burner August 2021
    Want to get rid of that muffin top tummy? Not all vegans are skinny! Yes, that sounds like a lie, but that’s what it is. This viral fitness hack will…More
  • DIY Vegan Egg Replacer
    Tired of trying to find vegan egg replacers? Trying to save money in the kitchen? I have a DIY vegan egg replacer recipe for you. Take some chickpea flour and…More
  • Welcome!
    Hey Welcome to my micro blog. You can find, bite sized, engaging, useful and easy to follow content here. I blog about vegan recipes, mental health, lifestyle and all topics…More

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