10 reasons why the women of Afghanistan are the true feminists and real life examples of women empowerment?

Dumbledore’s Army?! Probably that’s what Goin on in Afghanistan.

It is so much like the poem I know why the caged bird sings.

That awesome poem is written by my favorite lady poet – Maya Angelou. The queen of American literature.

1. The women of Afghanistan prioritizing their safety over harsh faith based actions.

2.They know that they are going to lose their lives instantly or painfully.

3.They know that are doing this for the welfare of their families.

4.They are doing this for the Afghan kids.

5.They know what is not okay. On top of that they know what is coming.

6.They are not ready to faith based terror.

7.They know their faith is taking a bad turn.

8. They want a faith based change.

9.They are brave.

10. They are standing up for themselves.

I wish these women will find more power.

I wish Godess Durga Ma Ji will assist these women to destroy the evil

Navratri is coming ; so is the power of Godess Durga.

I pray that these women will succeed in uprooting the Taliban.

Good vibes from India.

Image credits coming soon…

Do you agree with Albus Dumbledore ?

Hop on to the Dumbledore’s Army then!

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